Captains Fundraising for 2015

Silecroft Golf Club Gents Captain, Mr Ken Leece, is raising money this year to install defibrillators at the golf club, all money raised will go towards the purchase of the outside cabinets for the defibrillator to be kept in, making them available to members at all times.
The defibrillator has been donated today by North West Ambulance Service, a big thanks to them for all their help.


A Message from the Club Captain, Mr Ken Leece.

As part of the Captain’s year in office, money is raised for a charity or for a specific purpose at the club. This year the Captain is raising money to obtain Defibrillators and the boxes to house them, outside of the clubhouse and at the furthest reaches of the course. He has been very lucky in that one defib unit has already been donated to the club by Lauren Watson of the North West Ambulance Service, with the promise of a second unit when the money has been raised for the boxes to house them. The first unit is at present held in the clubhouse, which is only open at weekends generally. This will be positioned eventually on an outside wall of the clubhouse, making it available to anyone in the vicinity, on the beach, caravan site etc. The club continues to raise money by raffles, football cards, organised events, and applying for grants or donations where ever possible. Any offers of help would be gratefully accepted. The Captain, Ken Leece, can be contacted on 01229 772162.

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