County Cards can be picked up from the clubhouse


Plenty of hard work is being done by greenstaff all over the county, support  all the Cumbrian Golf Clubs and take advantage of cheaper green fees  with a county card.

When you pick up your county card, please fill in the following details on the card:- Name, Club & CDH Number. The card will be validated by the club official and you will be asked to sign the card as well.

There is a list of all members CDH numbers at the clubhouse with the county cards, or if you have registered on the England Golf Website, you will find your CDH number on your CDH Card:-

Having done all that you will be able to use the card at not only the 30 Cumbrian Clubs but also at in excess of 1280 clubs in the rest of England. The list of all Clubs welcoming the county card is available at:-

County Cards are not issued to Junior Golfers of 18 years or under. They may purchase a County Card for £2.

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