PLAY SAFE STAY SAFE – Playing Guidance from the 17th May 2021

All Members and Visitors please note the following guidance for the COVID-19 safe playing of golf at Silecroft:

VISITORS are welcome to play from the 29th March 2021. For payment details click HERE


The adherence to the guidance will be monitored and changes will be made as and when deemed necessary. Please keep an eye on the website, your emails and our social media sites for updates.

The following must be read before play and will also be posted at the golf course entrance.

The course is open to Members and Visitors.

Course Set-up

On-Course Items

  • All rakes and ball retrievers have been removed. Players may bring their own personal rakes and retrievers, which should only be handled by that player and taken away at the end of their round
  • Ball washers must not be used and have been covered up
  • Bins have been removed from the course, please take your rubbish home with you.
  • Stakes defining areas of the course should be treated as immovable obstructions and left in situ.

Hole and Flagstick

  • Flagsticks must not be touched and always left in place
  • All the holes have had a golf ball-lifting mechanisms fitted, please use your putter/club to operate this.

Practice Areas

  • Practice areas, may be used but you must use sanitising practices in these areas, do not collect golf balls left lying on the practice ground if the do not belong to you.

Before your round

Teeing it up

  • The Club has introduced a system of booking and allocation of tee times that ensures the safety of staff and golfers and lessen the chance of people congregating
  • Four-ball groups are permitted on-course with no restriction on the mixing of households, but you must continue to practice social distancing. Overall group sizes must not exceed six, including any caddies or chaperones, unless the group is made up of two households or fewer
  • A 10-minute interval must be adhered to between tee times, this is safe and ensures appropriate social distancing.

Arrival and Waiting to Play

  • Clubhouse remains closed
  • It is illegal for gatherings of more than six people to take place either indoor or outdoor, this must be adhered to.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser gels, wipes, etc. and use them regularly.
  • The Club is displaying an official NHS QR Code poster so that members / visitors can ‘check-in’ as an alternative to providing their contact details.
  • Players should arrive changed for play and refrain from changing into golfing attire in the change rooms. Golf shoes must be changed in the car park, the changing room is closed.
  • Toilets and wash-hand basins in locker rooms may remain in use
  • Face coverings must be worn by staff, golfers and visitors in all public indoor areas of the club/facility, such as an indoor reception area (if applicable), and toilets. There are some exemptions to wearing face coverings including children under the age of 11 and those with certain disabilities.
  • Entry to the course is past the changing room only.
  • Golfers must continue to social distance, Please check for players on the 1st tee box and approaching the 9th green, wait by the changing room until clear. If there is someone waiting at the changing room, then please wait in the car park.
  • Allow at least 10 minutes between tee off times to allow for easier social distancing. Please tee off at the following specified times; on the hour, 10 past, 20 past, ½ past, 20 to or 10 to.
  • No hiring of equipment is available.
  • For the practice putting green, please give priority of use to the players in the next group due to tee off.

During your round

Teeing Areas

  • Remind golfers to maintain appropriate social distancing at teeing areas due to the normal close proximity of golfers to one another when tee shots are being played


  • Remind golfers to maintain appropriate social distancing when walking to the ball, searching for a ball and playing shots
  • Remind golfers not to touch stray balls
  • Try to minimise the use of the course seating and bins etc. No more than one person on each bench outside the clubhouse and maintain a 2m distance at all times.


  • With no communal rakes allowed on the course, remind golfers to make their very best efforts to smooth the sand using their club and/or their feet

Putting Green

  • Remind golfers to maintain appropriate social distancing on the putting greens and not to touch the flagstick

Course Volunteers

  • Do not approach the course volunteers, we do not want them to become ill, they are voluntarily working hard to keep the course in a good playable condition.

After your Round

  • Be aware of good social distancing (2m) at all times. (Do not congregate in any areas on the course or near the clubhouse.)
  • On completion of your game please leave the course asap. Exit from the course is to the right-hand side of the green keepers shed.
  • Please adhere to these rules to enable all members to enjoy playing again and feel safe.
  • Entry to the clubhouse will be permitted after the 17th May 2021, please wear a mask when entering any of the club buildings
  • You must scan the official NHS QR code poster when entering and every customer aged over 16, whether sat inside or outside, must check in to the venue using the NHS Covid-19 app.
  • There will be an alternative method to collect contact details of any customers that can’t use, or don’t want to use, the app. This data has to be stored for 21 days to ensure compliance with Track n Trace.

Thank you for your co-operation

Please also read and follow the safety advice given by England Golf for safe play on the course.


Play-Safe-Timeline-Feb21-V6.pdf (