FOOTGOLF Opening up, COVID-19 guidelines for safe play

Silecroft Footgolf to Re-open.

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July 1pm.

When we went into lockdown we promised that when the virus was gone we would be having a week-end party of free to play Footgolf to celebrate. And we stand by that. Plans are afoot. Unfortunately for everyone the Covid virus has not gone yet, so that must wait.

In the meantime, we have been looking at how footgolf can re-open within current guidelines and after consulting with officials at the golf club we now believe we can, under certain conditions. We will therefore be open for play this coming week-end, Saturday18th & Sunday 19th July from 1pm to 6pm but we will be making our decision on staying open beyond then based on how well the temporary changes are stuck to.

Changes and conditions.                                                             

1 Payments:

You can now pay via your smartphone straight into our Starling Bank account – details for doing so will be posted on the door of the signing in room. But you can also still pay with cash as usual, into a brown envelope [which has been provided] with your name marked on it and then placed into the metal box to the left of the signing in book. We cannot at this time provide change but if you have overpaid please note this on the envelope and you can subtract this from the cost of your next game. Charges remain the same: £4 for an adult, £2 for a junior [under 16] £5 for any adult with 1 junior.

2 Signing in:

We must comply with government guidelines for track and trace for all our sakes and have a point of contact for every player and those accompanying them. The easiest way to accomplish this is by writing your phone number in the correct column of the signing in page. You may leave your address and postcode as an alternative. This is a make or break condition. Scorecards and pencils are available behind the signing in book.

3 Footballs, Cards & Pencils:

Wherever possible please bring your own ball or borrow one from someone in your bubble to bring along. You will still be able to borrow one for free from us but under the following guidelines. When you leave the course you will see a large bag {donated by the good guys at PGM building supplies} and you must place our used ball into it. These can then be sanitized by us and returned to use. There is a nearby box for returning cards and pencils if you wish to do so. If you want to have your round reviewed then please be aware that these will have to sit in the box for 3 days before being taken out and written up on Silecroft Footgolf Facebook page later that week.

4 Social distancing:

If you are with a family member or someone else from within your bubble you may enter the signing room together. All others must maintain a distance of two metres [2m]. Please be prepared to wait outside if needs be. We have painted red arrows on the path to point the way from the signing in room to the course and from the course back to the car park. These form part of a one way system for footgolfers and golfers exiting their course and are there to ensure nobody crosses your path or comes too close.

5 On the course:

To avoid confusion, the course lay-out is the same as last season. Please always keep social distance [2m] between yourself and other parties outside of your bubble. If you find golf balls on the course please leave them where they lay.

We are very proud of the amount of pleasure and healthy competition that the course provides for all ages and both genders. We are hoping that we can soon return to the honour system we have always used in the past but for the moment we are waiting to see how it goes before deciding on that. This coming week-end there will be volunteers to help if you should need any. Please respect them. To all those who have visited us before: thank you and welcome back. To those visiting for the first time: welcome and have a great game.


From Monday 1st June 2020, visitors are welcome to come and play at Silecroft Golf Club, if you are planning on visiting at a weekend, please check our events page, or contact the club secretary for availability.

Dress code is smart casual, including the wearing of Denim for sociable non-competitive rounds.

Note, visitors are expected to follow the same guidelines as members when accessing, playing and exiting the course, the guidelines can be found posted at the entrance to the course and on the link below:

Please note that there is no access to the toilets in the clubhouse due to covid-19 restrictions.

Payment must be made by bank transfer before playing, we respectfully ask that this is completed in the car park where social distancing can be observed easily. Payment details are shown below and also posted at the entrance of the course, when payment is made this covers the visitor as being signed in.

18 HOLE GREEN FEESSummer Rates
(1st March – 31st October)
Weekdays, Weekends & Bank Holidays£20
Weekdays, Weekends & Bank Holidays
Playing With a MEMBER
Weekdays, Weekends & Bank Holidays
Anytime Junior (Under 18)£10

Green fees are:

(No discount with a member for 9 holes)
Summer Rates
(1st April – 31st October)
Weekdays, Weekends & Bank Holidays £10
Anytime Junior (Under 18)£5
Green Fees Honesty Payments

In an attempt to reduce the chance of spreading Coronavirus infection we are endeavouring to eliminate as many cross-contamination points as possible. As such, we ask you to pay green fees whenever possible, directly into an on-line bank account set up for this purpose as follows:-
Payee: Silecroft Golf
Bank: Starling Bank
Sort Code: 60-83-71
Account No: 93942082
Reference: Your surname followed by GF9 or GF18 (green fee 9 or 18 holes) e.g. ClarkGF9

As a small club we rely heavily on our green fee income and hope this honesty payment does not inconvenience you too much. Enjoy your game and please follow the on-course protocol.

Thank you for you cooperation and support

Course Opening 13th May 2020 – COVID 19 playing procedures and guidance

All Members please note the following guidance for the return to playing golf at Silecroft from 13th May 2020.

VISITORS are welcome to play from the 1st June 2020. For payment details click HERE


We understand that members will be keen to return to playing golf, to give all members the best and safest opportunity to play we respectfully ask members who are able to play during the week before 4pm to do so, this will give those who are still working the opportunity to access the course easier after 4pm.

The adherence to the guidance will be monitored and changes will be made as and when deemed necessary. Please keep an eye on the website, your emails and our social media sites for updates.

The following must be read before play and will also be posted at the golf course entrance.

From the 1st June 2020 the course is open to Members and Visitors.

  • We can confirm that threeball and fourball play can re-commence from Monday 1 June. Until this date please continue to play alone or with one other person only.
  • Please change into golf shoes etc. in the car park (the changing room is closed – no entry permitted). Entry to the course is past the changing room only.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser gels, wipes, etc. and use them regularly.
  • Please check for players on the 1st tee box and approaching the 9th green, wait by the changing room until clear. If there is someone waiting at the changing room, then please wait in the car park.
  • Allow at least 10 minutes between tee off times to allow for easier social distancing. Please tee off at the following specified times; on the hour, 10 past, 20 past, ½ past, 20 to or 10 to.
  • Whilst on the greens do not touch the flagstick. Leave the flag in at all times.
  • Be aware of good social distancing (2m) at all times. (Do not congregate in any areas on the course or near the clubhouse.)
  • Do not approach the Greenkeeper, he is at work.
  • Course seating and bins etc must not be used. Please take any litter home with you.
  • Rakes have been removed; bunkers should be smoothed over by foot.
  • On completion of your game please leave the course asap. Exit from the course is to the right-hand side of the green keepers shed.
  • Please adhere to these rules to enable all members to enjoy playing once again and feel safe.

Thank you for your co-operation

Please also read and follow the safety advice given by England Golf for safe play on the course.

Seldom Seen Lane has been resurfaced

3 month membership available to all – young and old

Silecroft Golf Course

Have you been a member in the past?

Have you never been a member?

Would you like to be a member now?

We have a 3 month membership available to come and try your hand at golf and July through to October is the perfect time to give it a try,  you are never too young or too old to take up this game. Silecroft is a gentle 9 hole walk and don’t believe what the famous writer Mark Twain said, golf certainly doesn’t spoil that walk. A recent reviewer of our course wrote;

“Those opening holes are of exceptional quality, beautiful to look at and a delight to play with the sea just below you and the majesty of the Lakeland fells towering on the other side it is just so impressive.”


So if you fancy trying your hand or returning to the game of golf, get in touch via the contacts page, or email either of the following;

View towards Kirksanton with Lowscales in the background


Silecroft Golf Club raises £736 for Cancer Research UK

Silecroft Golf Club raises £736 for Cancer Research UK

For a small club Silecroft raises a lot of money each year for worthy causes, and the members showed their generosity on 1st October once again.

After a very rainy week we were lucky enough to see sunshine and a full afternoon turnout.

Balloons, banners, raffle prizes, sunshine, willing helpers – the scene was set for a most enjoyable day, with 13 teams of 3, two gents, one lady, playing a Scramble. Winners were Neil Robertson, John French and Yvonne Goodrick with a magnificent score of 62.8. Thank you everyone for your support.

Photos of prize table and raffle ladies supplied by young Adam from the caravan site who couldn’t do enough to help that morning!

1st    Neil Robertson / John French / Yvonne Goodrick    62.8 points

2nd    Roy Goodrick / Clint Houlahan / Joan Myers        64.7

3rd    Andrew Leece / Ken Leece / Dottie Williams        66.5

4th    Alan Sharpe / Charlie Blezzard / Dave Ward        66.6

5th    George Van Boyd / Richard Roberts / Maureen Goodrick    67.5

prize-table               the-helpers

Dot Williams (Lady Captain)




A great day for the competition and everyone enjoyed themselves on the course, mixing the teams up always lends itself to a good laugh and good chat.
The winning team was made up of Helen Holmes, Phil Garner, John Steward and Doug Myers who if not happy about winning, soon would be after drinking their prize of 4 bottles of wine each 😉
But, the main reason for the day is to raise money for Breast Cancer research, and just over £1000 was raised from the day.
A massive thank you has to be given to Paul and Carol Hodgson for organising the competition and everyone who has helped them over the last 16 years, from which over £16k has been raised for a very worthwhile cause.

Visitors Welcome at Silecroft Golf Course

You do not have to be a member to come play at Silecroft Golf Club. Visitors are very welcome, if you are planning on visiting at a weekend, please check our events page, or contact the club secretary for availability.

Dress code is smart casual, though no denim jeans please.

Please see the Green Fees on the ‘The Course’ page and where we are can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.


New Silecroft Golf Club Website

We hope you like the new website. Moving with the times, our new modern website allows us non-web designers to update and contribute content as and when we please. The club and its committee members will be providing regular news and updates, event information, event results and the latest golf course information right to the website.

You can join in with us too, you can comment on all the news and events we post, including this very one.
Let us know what you think of the new website by commenting below.

You can also send us your comments on your experience at Silecroft Golf Course; we may even add your comment to the website.
Come on; get your name up in lights on our homepage.

Look out for the first updates from each of our committee members.

Until then let’s hope for some great weather this season. 🙂